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Float Pod

Float Pod

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Delve into the future of relaxation with Float Pod Pro. At its core lies our exclusive technology, Float PodOS with Rest RTM, creating a seamless bridge between luxurious comfort and intelligent design. Engineered for perfection, Float Pod Pro offers an advanced sensory experience, elevated by the precision and personalization made possible through our proprietary technology. Experience floating like never before; experience Float Pod Pro. 

Our Legacy, Your Experience:
For years, the Float Pod Pro has stood as a beacon of excellence. Crafted in the USA, our meticulous attention to detail is evident. The unrivaled design boasts functionalities like the ultra-quiet motor and an array of jets, ensuring optimal water flow. Our Ozone and Ultraviolet Purification System work tirelessly 24/7, ensuring the water remains pristine even when the pod is not in use. The UnderBody Heater ensures a constant temperature during your float, making every second inside the Float Pod a cozy embrace.

The Lobby Control System and Session Control keep you in command, while the 2-way intercom system ensures you're never too far from assistance. Music aficionados will appreciate the iPod & MP3 Integration, while our Multi-Color LED Lighting system sets the ambiance, allowing users to choose from a gentle hue, vibrant strobes, or simply turn it off for a deep sensory deprivation experience.

Enter Float PodOS with R.E.S.T. RTM:
At the intersection of cutting-edge software and tactile tranquility stands Float PodOS. R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technology) is a promise. A promise of a serene escape from the world outside. With Real-Time Monitoring (RTM), we amplify your relaxation by making subtle, real-time adjustments, ensuring your float is both tranquil and transformative.

Dive into the Future:

  • Pro Pad: Navigate the vast landscapes of relaxation on Apple's flagship iPad. A marvel in design and utility, it seamlessly integrates work, play, and relaxation.

  • Pro Hub: An oasis of connectivity in a sea of devices. Centralize, synchronize, and elevate your Float Pod Pro experience.

  • Pro Switch / Relay: Adaptability is key. Whether your Float Pod was purchased post-2020 (F20) or before (F10), the Switch/Relay assures seamless, intuitive control.

  • Sensor Suite: The Temp Pro Sensor maintains ambient harmony. Leak Pro Sensor stands guard, notifying you at the earliest sign of water breaches. Lid Pro Sensor offers security, alerting you when access points are compromised.

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Included Features

Pro Pad: Discover the world at your fingertips with Apple's iPad. Sleek design meets powerful performance, perfect for work, play, and everything in between.

Pro Hub: Centralize and simplify with Pro Hub. A must-have for modern connectivity, ensuring all your devices work in harmony.

Pro Switch / Relay: Gain control and efficiency with our Pro Switch/Relay. Designed to make device management effortless, ensuring seamless integration into any tech ecosystem.

(F20: Float Pod Purchased after 2020 / F10: Float Pod Purchased before 2020)

Temp Pro Sensor: Stay informed with the Pro Sensor: Temp. Monitor ambient temperatures accurately and reliably for optimal environment management. (1/3)

Leak Pro Sensor: Protect your investments with the Pro Sensor: Leak. Instant notifications at the slightest hint of a leak, giving you peace of mind. (2/3)

Lid Pro Sensor: Monitor access with the Pro Sensor: Lid. Designed to alert you when lids or access points are opened or tampered with. (3/3)

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