Collection: Pro Series

Introducing the Float Pod Pro Series

Delve into the next evolution of relaxation with the Float Pod Pro Series, an exquisite collection of the Float Pod, Pool, and Filter System. Every piece in this series is thoughtfully designed, harmoniously blending advanced technology with the tranquil ambiance synonymous with Float Pod. With Float PodOS at its core, the Pro Series effortlessly bridges the tangible serenity of floating with cutting-edge software, creating an unparalleled relaxation experience.

The Pro Series Line-up:

  • Float Pod: A masterpiece of design, offering an immersive retreat that epitomizes relaxation. Experience the epitome of tranquility with every float.

  • Float Pool: Broaden your horizons with our expansive Pool. Crafted for those seeking an unrestricted sanctuary, it's a boundless realm of peace.

  • Filter System: Seamlessly integrated, our advanced Filter System ensures a pristine environment, enhancing the purity and quality of every float session.

Our mission has always been unambiguous: Deliver Relevant and Compelling Solutions that set Float Pod apart. With the introduction of Float Pod Pro, we've taken this commitment to new heights. Dive into an exclusive realm of serenity, only with Float Pod Pro. Experience the difference.